Our Best Dinner in Lisbon @ Sacramento Restaurant on 27Mar2016

octopus split for 4pax

grilled octopus split for 4pax

we had quite a full day on 27.3.2016-

it’s time to have a nice dinner & relax! 🙂

sacramento restaurant3

sacramento restaurant

we didn’t have a restaurant in mind so i looked at the google map which showed the restaurants nearby as we walked along rue do carmo past saint justa elevator.

with luck on our side, we picked sacramento. not a promising name, certainly not portugese sounding. the deco was described as funky in one guide. seemed a bit cheesy to me, somehow reminded me of a certain jack’s place at havelock road in the early 1980s?

well, turned out to be the best restaurant & best meal we had in lisbon.

nice bread

nice bread

we were served some nice bread & nice extra virgin olive oil.

it must be said that all bread at all meals we had were very nice here in lisbon, & also later porto.

chorizo & cheese

chorizo & cheese

we had a chorizo & cheese to share.

all very nice, but not really better than mercado timeout market or comparable with the excellent chorizo, cheese & port we had at castelo winebar the next day…

for today we waited an inordinately long time (like 1 hr+) for our food.

(it was ok at our next visit for dinner the evening before we left for porto).

not acceptable really, and the restaurant probably knew it.

we ordered a grilled octopus to share, and the restaurant split into 4 plates for us.

each plate had really a huge portion, plus very nice spinach to boot as side (top photo)!

we all agreed this was the best octopurs we had, better than at lake como, at lake marggiore, at cinque terre & of course singapore!

entrecote steak

entrecote steak

we ordered a main each, so 4 mains, & we shared the food anyway.

wife had the entrecote. it was very nice. the piece i had was quite marbled and very flavourful.

kurobuta with funghi risotto

black pig with funghi risotto

son had a black pig with funghi risotto.

incredible is the word!

(we had dinner at cantinho do avillez the next day. this is the “canteen” of 2 michelin star chef jose avillez who helms belcanto on the next street from cantinho. 

by comparison with sacramento, cantinho was overrated & the dinner entirely underwhelming, unfortunately…)

kurobuta with funghi risotto

black pig with funghi risotto

the black pig was a really huge serving, very well charred, very flavourful & marbled. a really excellent meat!

kurobuta with funghi risotto

black pig with funghi risotto

& the funghi risotto was excellent on its own, equal or better than a very good italian restaurant in singapore, and its only a side!

salt cod

salt cod

daughter had a salt cod.

poultry chorizo with rice

poultry chorizo with rice

& i had a poultry chorizo with rice. 🙂

both these dishes would have been very good restaurant standard dishes standalone.

salt cod is not a favourite for all for us. still it was very well done.

the poultry chorizo was not quite what i expected. i though it might be a chicken breast fillet which could be very tender & flavourful done in a good restaurant. it as instead a croquette deep-fried item. not my favourite preparation. still it was done well & tasty.

like the salt cod, this was more robust than fine food, and we already shared very good entrecote & black pig.

the rice was also very good. it’s different from the risotto, not as creamy, but tasted very good as well. of course we did not take most of it, just too much carbs la…

sacramento restaurant

sacramento restaurant

dinner was like €130 for 4pax, really excellent for the price! maybe we were just hungry la…

only complaint was the long wait…fortunately that was not repeated at our next visit.

restaurant largo

restaurant largo

on the way back to our apartment we passed by restaurant largo, with very tempting display of seafood & crustaceans!

well there were too many eating places we wanted to go, so in the end we did not go this one la…

c.h.e.f andy


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