Apple Strudel at Ritz Bukit Timah on 11Apr2016

apple strudel + coffee

apple strudel + coffee

coffee time 11.4.2016! ^^

bought 1/2 apple strudel from ritz S$12.50, time to relax & have a cuppa.

met my own dutch friend for tea this morning. after that went to Xinlu 新路 for teochew meepok tar, but that seem not so satisfactory this time.

went to giant to get some stuff for a 5pax dinner the next day. on the way back, decided to drop by ritz at bukit timah (they have like 16 outlets) & grab a apple strudel. they said apple is the most popular. 🙂

apple strudel

apple strudel

one of the thing that sparked by interest was actually the egg cream pastry at tartine in lisbon, portugual. i thought that there was similarity in taste & tartine’s pastry was better.

ritz apple strudel

ritz apple strudel

i have not taken apple strudel for years.

1/2 apple strudel3 for S$12.50

1/2 apple strudel3 for S$12.50

the pastry was still crispy & fluffy, that stands out.

i felt that there was too much apple, too dense & not enuf cream. maybe that is the healthy way. so after trying, it confirmed for me that i liked the tartine egg cream pastry better. we had that twice in lisbon.

1/2 apple strudel3 for S$12.50

1/2 apple strudel3 for S$12.50

taste are so different though. my daughter now likes this apple strudel, maybe for the reasons i thought i didn’t like it much.

c.h.e.f andy


Ritz Apple Strudel

Address –

No. 833 Bukit Timah Road
#01-10 Royal Ville

Tel: 6469 3470
Fax: 6465 4776

Opening Hours-

10am – 9.30pm Daily

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