Curry Fishhead at Sanpo Foodcourt on 16Jan2016

curry fish head

S$25 curry fish head

i passed by sanpo foodcourt everytime on the way to phoon huat or joyful palace at clementi central.

i could see the banner advertisement on their fish head steamboat as i drove by. i thought one day i would drop by to try.

so today wife & i decided to go try the zi char stall there on 16.1.2016. ^^

SP Foodcourt

Sanpo Foodcourt

the place had a good traffic but not really crowd.

SP Foodcourt

Sanpo Foodcourt

we saw many eating the curry fish head. i guessed that’s the dish to try.

SP Foodcourt

Sanpo Foodcourt

i asked about the fish head steamboat. it’s priced at S$30, S$40 etc. we were not taking that this evening,

but i was thinking at that price, i would rather go to whampoa keng…at least i am certain what i get will be good.

sanlo horfun

S$4.50 sanlo horfun

we ordered a small S$4.50 sanlo horfun. it was good, nice wok hae, a small portion but that was enuf carbs for the 2 of us. 🙂

curry fish head

curry fish head

the fish head had 2 pricing S$23 & S$25. did not really make sense to me. asked the girl & she said S$25 bigger fish head. really???? S$2 difference???

anyway, being kiasu, we ordered the S$25 fish head. it was assam, with quite a bit of coconut milk quite lemak. fish head was fresh & meaty. my wife liked the fish head.

for me it was quite good, but not really comparable to the thai fish head at forture restaurant at old holland road.

one thing they gave a lot of vegetables & also taupok.

it was a good fish head. i didn’t mind it, but maybe didn’t hold any special attractions for me. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Sanpo Foodcourt


431 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 120431

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