Delectable Teochew Muay (Porridge) Dishes on 16Oct2015

teochew muay dishes

teochew muay dishes

after the very enjoyable 9pax lunch at ye shanghai recently, i am planning to do a teochew muay lunch for my friends. ^^

i can already make several nice dishes –

i just need to try out some vegetable dishes, & also the spicy sting ray dish (which is dependent on the supply of fresh sting ray at sheng shiong on the day!)

for today, as i saw some manila clams when in sheng shiong, i bought about 550g. 🙂

i made some excellent manila clams previously! ^^

it was easy to make-

i fry 1 cut chilli padi, sliced ginger (2cm piece) and 1 stalk of curry leaves (discard the stem) in oil in a pan till fragrant

turn on high fire & place manila clams in the pan, stir-fry & cover. add 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 1tbsp corn flour, 1-2 tsp (to taste) fish sauce mixed with 1/2cup water

cover & reduce till shells open up, just few minutes

when done just right, manila clams is plump & juicy & tasty, the curry leaves giving them excellent distinct flavours. i love the curry leaves. 🙂

spicy tau jeon sting ray

spicy tau jeon sting ray

the spicy tau jeon sting ray was my first attempt. very tasty with the salted vegetables & spicy bean sauce.

spicy tau jeon sting ray

spicy tau jeon sting ray

they turned out pretty good-

soak 1/2 packet of salted vegetables & cut into thin slices

fry 1/2 cut chilli padi, 1.5 tbsp spicy bean paste & sliced ginger till fragrant

add sting ray (500g diced) to wok & stir-fry to coat the flavourful sauce

add 1.5cup chicken (or vegetable stock), cover & reduce (about 10mins)

it is important to reduce the sauce to make the flavours intense & the sting ray very tasty. 🙂

spicy black beans bittergourd

spicy black beans bittergourd

the spicy black beans bittergourd also my first-

cut the bittergourd into 1/2′ by 2″ pieces & soak in water for 4hrs (i added 1 tsp salt). rinse thoroughly in slow running water to remove some of the bitterness

add 2 cloves chopped garlic, 1/2 cut chilli padi & 1tbsp spicy black bean sauce & stir-fry till fragrant

add bitter gourd & stir-fry to coat it with the tasty sauce

add 1.5cups stock, cover & reduce

spicy black beans bittergourd

spicy black beans bittergourd

the bitter gourd turned out to be very tasty, excellent dish among the 4 other dishes (the manila clams were superb!)

i did about the same for the other 2 dishes – stewed cabbage & stewed egg plant. basically add cut chilli padi, chopped garlic & fry, then add the vegetables, oyster sauce, fish sauce or light soy sauce, then add stock, cover & reduce.

they were both very tasty, though nothing special.

the egg plant was my second try. this time i did not add tomato sauce.

but the taste still different from ye shanghai’s excellent egg plants.

the egg plant was not as tasty as the wafu 和风 egg plants i did previously.

maybe i will try tsuyu to replace light soy sauce.

teochew muay dishes

teochew muay dishes

each dish takes about 10-15mins, so i did all 5 in about 1hr.

not too difficult & very enjoyable dinner with wife & daughter.

c.h.e.f andy


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