Very Good Wanton Noodles @ Balestier Food Centre on 17Mar2015

waton mee

waton mee

sis & i had a great S$5 prawn noodles dry & prawn+pigtail noodls soup at ah hui @ balestier food centre on 17.3.2015.^^

my bil opted for a S$4 wanton noodles.

i was very impressed with the good serving of char siew which looked delicious & tempting, so i tried a piece. it was very good, tender & tasty.^^

waton mee - soup

waton mee – soup

waton mee

waton mee

according to my bil, the noodles were good too, qq & with very good chilli mix. wanton were smooth.

6th avenue wanton noodles at good good eating house is my recent favourite but this looked really good & i will be back to try it myself.

kok kee wanton noodles (formerly at lavendar food square) was the best i had tried bit not sure where it has moved to? apparently to a coffee shop is on the ground floor of nearby hoa nam building, but still to check out.

c.h.e.f andy


Wanton Noodles, Pig Trotter Jelly, Pig Trotters & Fish Maw Soup @ Whampoa Hawker Centre on 25Feb2015

fishmaw soup

幸福潮州小食 fishmaw soup – S$4

a few friends decided to have 4pax lunch at whampoa hawker centre on 25.2.2105.

whampoa hawker centre of course has many famous stalls. 1 of my favourite is the chinese mutton soup stall. i prefer yu ji (宇记) chinese herbal mutton soup (羊肉汤) but both stalls are about same, so the other stall #01-75 is good for me too.^^

anyhow on this day, it was chinese new year day 6 (初六), and both stalls were closed.

most other stalls were also closed – the hoover fish porridge, the braised duck & the hoover rojak were all closed.

1 of the stalls i like, 幸福潮州小食 a teochew food stall, was open. i ordered the fish maw soup, braised pig trotters & also the “ter kar tan” 猪脚冻 or pig trotter jelly. the stall also sells sharks meat & shark meat jelly 鲨鱼冻. i did not order them.

the S$4 fish maw soup was good as always, quite a lot of ingredients, and the taste of the soup was good.

pig trotter jelly 猪脚冻

幸福潮州小食 猪脚冻 pig trotter jelly – S$5.50

the “ter kar tan” 猪脚冻 or pig trotter jelly was i guess good as another at the restaurants & it was just S$5.50 for a good portion.

pig trotters 鲁猪脚

幸福潮州小食 鲁猪脚 braised pig trotters – S$5.50

the 鲁猪脚 braised pig trotters were exactly the flavour, texture & colour i liked. to me it was so much better than han jia bakuteh & pork leg, east coast lagoon food village.

the colours looked attractive & it was properly cut & neat, not dark & overcooked & uncut block like han jia’s. the texture & bite was just right, gelatinous & with bite, not falling apart, and the taste was light & flavourful.

one friend though preferred han jia’s, so really it was very much a matter of personal preference.^^

lunch dishes = 3 dishes for S$15

幸福潮州小食 lunch dishes = 3 dishes for S$15

the 3 dishes cost S$15. i liked all of them.^^

wanton noodles

wanton noodles – S$3



one friend bought 4 wanton noodles (S$3 per bowl).

it was good. noodles were just right QQ, and i liked the spiciness. it was no better though than any of the other places i had, wanton mee @ KPT coffeeshop (this a different black version)cho kee noodles wanton mee at old airport road food centre (i think this was better), or the wanton mee at first centre serangoon avenue 4.

i would put kok kee (was at lavendar food centre but not sure where (or if) it is relocated) as the best for me, and red ring as second.

mee chiang kueh

mee chiang kueh – S$0.80

the lunch including a bowl of wanton noodles each was S$7pax.

we walked over to blk 92 & had the mee chiang kueh (peanut pancake). we all preferred the peanut fillings. it was overflowing. very fun!

food was good, company better. after lunch 3 of us went to visit a friend who was admitted to ttsh.

c.h.e.f andy

Really Good Coffee @ Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar on 17Sep2014

flat white @ chye seng huat coffee bar

flat white @ chye seng huat coffee bar

after taking kok kee wanton mee @ lavendar food square on 17.9.2014, we decided to walk over to chye seng huat hardware at tyrwhitt road for our cuppa. 🙂

flat white @ chye seng huat coffee bar

flat white @ chye seng huat coffee bar

flat white @ chye seng huat coffee bar

flat white @ chye seng huat coffee bar

the cafe CSHH coffee bar was located on the ground floor of a building with the name chye seng huat hardware and a cool shophouse facade.

the interior was a nice chill-out ambience. at 430pm there were quite many customers but not full & we sat at a corner wall with a ledge & tall stools & a wall mirror so you could see the whole cafe when sat facing the mirror.

flat white @ chye seng huat coffee bar

flat white @ chye seng huat coffee bar

we had a flat white at S$5.50 each.

the coffee flavour was good & the frothed milk was velvety smooth & combined well with the coffee.

i had 2 really great cuppas during my recent stay in london – one was at monmouth cafe in covent gardens on 22.8.2014, and the other when we stopped for a cuppa at melrose & morgan during our walk along regent’s canal to primrose hill on 24.8.2014.

a nice coffee makes all the difference. i have a jura machine at home. i used to get the rather expensive lavazza coffee at culina but later found caffe aurora at qbfoods that cost 40% the price, and for me they were very good (or good enough). i had nice nespresso at my friend’s house after our weekly jog, and also at my son’s apartment in london. all of them were better than the coffee one gets at starbucks, so if i want to get a coffee outside that is NOT a S$1.20 kopi-c, it has to be a good cuppa to make any sense in spending that money! 🙂

for me, CSHH cafe bar’s flat white falls into that good cuppa category. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Enjoyed this Wanton Noodles @ Kok Kee (国记) on 17Sep2014

wanton noodles @ kok kee

wanton noodles @ kok kee

went with wife to mighty velo to service her bike & buy some stuff.
methink mighty velo prices in outerspace!  a bicycle helmet cost S$280 & the cheapest one that looked like the inner lining of an SAF helmet cost S$125. this shop not for me!
we had to wait 1hr for the service. wanted to have kok kee wanton noodles again before lavendar food square make way for 16-storey freehold development called ARC 380. according to a straits times report on 7.9.2014,
the other stalls to try are the whitley road fishball noodles, kin turtle soup etc…
wanton noodles @ kok kee

wanton noodles @ kok kee

we managed to park at the tiny carpark. there was no queue at kok kee at 4.15pm.
the last time i was here was 22.3.2014. we ordered S$4 wanton mee each. this must be the only wet version in singapore i had tried. the noodles were al dente & not soggy yet not stringy.
S$4 kind of expensive for that tiny amount of noodles. but good tasting was what counted, & this was like the best wanton noodles i had, better than red ring & first centre.
wanton noodles @ kok kee

wanton noodles @ kok kee

this the second time i tried & my views had not changed. may go back before 30sep to try the whitley road fishball noodles etc.

after wanton mee, we decided to take a short walk over to chye seng huat hardware at tyrwhitt road for a nice cup of coffee.

c.h.e.f andy

Nice Wanton Noodles @ Kok Kee (国记) Lavendar Food Square on 22Mar2014


was in the area & my wife suggested to have wanton noodles at Kok Kee (国记) @ Lavendar Food Square on 22.3.2014. 🙂


i had not tried this popular stall before.  there were about 15 people in the queue & the wait was >30minutes.

it was worth the wait though! we had each a small portion at S$4. the noodle was wet yet not soggy (as commented by several reviewers) & in fact just al dente and very tasty. 1 of the best wanton noodles i had, better than red ring & the one at first centre. the char siew & wanton were good too but nothing special, no different from other stalls (as also commented by others). i like the char siew at red ring better. 🙂

unlikely to come here specially to queue for the wanton noodles though, especially with the difficulty in parking. but if around the place & already parked, will probably drop by. quite enjoyed it! 🙂 make me want to go back & try the fei fei wanton noodles at joo chiat place again. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy