Best Bakchormee @ Changi Airport T3 B2 Kopitiam on 2Jan2015

bakchormee @ changi airport T3 basement B2

bakchormee @ changi airport T3 basement B2

sent son to airport on 2.1.2015. he was back for 2 weeks short winter leave. 🙂

after checking in, i had also parked my car, there was a short time before immigration & boarding.

we went down to T3 basement 2 kopitiam food court & ordered a bakchormee at the lai heng fishball noodle stall.

for me, this is 1 of the best bakchormee. we had this many times before & it had always been good, no exception this time.

this the tai hwa crawford-style with mushroom sauce & lots of vinegar. it was very good, like as good as tai hwa’s. tasty, vinegar just right, good ingredients – liver & all. very satisfied.

it is different from the jalan tua kong meepok tar at 6th avenue, jalan tua kong lau lim @ bedok simpang, 132 marine terrace fishball noodles, but similar to ming fa @ upper thomson though that one has less vinegar.

c.h.e.f andy