7pax OPS Bros Homegourmet Dinner on 23Jun2022

made 7pax dinner on 23.6.2022.^^

cheow ghee joined OPS group plus jessie & Lisa

this evening menu

(combine myo kia hiang & hwa seafood)

  1. 包菜鸡锅 cabbage chicken pot
  2. 上汤焗班片 poached thick sliced garoupa
  3. 蒜泥白肉
  4. ika sugatayaki- flamed sotong
  5. poached kailan with scallops & egg white
  6. cuttlefish kang kong
  7. lala beehoon

jessie brought ginkyo nut dessert

WT brought small seeds lychee

CCG brought mangosteen

HC brought 3 boxes = 6 msw

包菜鸡锅 was remaking myo’s kia Hiang famous claypot chicken…very nice everyone loved it….

上汤焗班片 also remaking Mao’s dish…good too..this one can improve…poached kailan with scallops & egg white likewise another myo dish.

the lala beehoon was par excellence!

ika sugatayaki- flamed sotong replicating Hwa Seafood signature dish…ok but need more charred flavours….

had a great time and nice dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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