4pax Family Dinner @ Jade Fullerton Hotel on 28Nov2021

SM & SL joined for 4pax family dinner @ jade this evening on 28nov2021..


there is promo take 3 set 4th set free so about 25% off though not exactly as 10% service computed on 4 sets..ok la..

dishes were good standard not outstanding just above average..

appetiser trio- prawn sweet sour sauce a bit sweet..batter a bit hard than crisp..battered scallop slight overcooked not moist, char siew flavourful texture a bit old the leaner type some fat

soup was good, tasty, abalone and 花胶 good & cordycep flowers nice too..

red garoupa was below par, chunky not 滑basically old 老

lobster noodles was ok..noodles on the softer side but ok …taste ok not the best..lobster also a bit old not bouncy and sweet tasting as other places

dessert a sherbert with champagne jelly ok

good dinner not outstanding..

c.h.e.f andy


Jade Restaurant


1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178




Opening Hours:


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