Great Homecooked Family Dinner on 22aug2021

made family dinner on 22.8.2021.^^

  1. potato croquettes on cauliflower puree
  2. grilled scallops on chopped cauliflower on cauliflower gazpacho
  3. tomatoes crabmeat capellini
  4. prawn bisque crabmeat tagliatelle
  5. slow roast aussie pork chop with tomatoes red wine ratatouille
  6. 24hrs sous vide rump steak

potato croquettes and scallop cauliflower were delightful..

Bothe pastas were very good, especially the spicy tomato based…will do more of this angel hair pasta…

the pork chop always good…

today the 24hrs rum steak a bit dry though same recipe at 62degC not sure why? probably not do rum again..

c.h.e.f andy


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