Really Shiok!重庆烤鱼@Ming Tang Spicy Roast fish on 25Nov2020


my Chinese friend ZHL bought 3pax lunch on 25.11.2020.^^

I arranged at ming tang 重庆烤鱼

excellent service & dishes!service is very good by every server we spoke with & asked questions

the signature mala 重庆烤鱼was excellent,very fresh, sweet & tasty.

my china chinese friend commented this not oily, the best he had c/w many 重庆烤鱼 eateries in chinatown usually oily.

all the 凉拌dishes very tasty, flavourful..

水饺good standard if nothing special.

for the fish, we only added bamboo shoots, maybe try tripes even beef next time.

very happy to come back again..& I was back real soon! lol!:-)

c.h.e.f andy


Ming Tang Spicy Roast Fish重庆烤鱼


470, #01-03 North Bridge Rd, Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735



Opening Hours:


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