Good Expensive Dimsum @ Madame Fan on 11Nov2020

truffle dumplings

friend bought 3pax dimsum lunch at madam fan @ nco club south beach on 11nov2020.^^

..dimsum was good standard, comparable with imperial treasure..just more ex lol!:-)


congee was good, tasty, smooth..

truffle dumplings were flavourful, nice truffle flavours, nice overall though one friend found the skin too thick..

radish pastry

radish pasty was crispy, flaky not too thick and sweet..

char siew soh 叉烧酥

I prefer crispy char siew pao which they don’t have but this char siew soh is good.

scallops siew mai

scallop siew mai were good.

crab meat dumplings more like 抄手……

the spicy veg dumplings similar just vegetable filling..

crispy fupeiquin 腐皮卷 was good standard. the 咸水饺was good.

overall very good dimsum but don’t seem to have 潮州粉果…

friend didn’t order not sure got 肠粉or not…

very nice and enjoyable lunch and chat catching up with good friends.

c.h.e.f andy


Madame Fan @ NCO Club


32 Beach Rd, The NCO Club, Singapore 189764



Opening Hours:


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