Wife Organised Beautiful Home Birthday Dinner on 23Oct2020

wife took leave to prepare dinner. bought oysters & abalones at evergreen on 23.10.2020. ^^

oysters were excellent!

they opened the shells for you (so easier for son to shuck when eating later) & place in styrofoam box on ice bed..should consume in few hours

abalones also excellent..just steamed and drizzle with garlic light soy sauce..

wife bought sashimi (otoro, chutoro, hamachi, ikura, uni, etc) and son flamed the otoro..wife also made burrata, cold pasta..

wife also did the beautiful mirin steaks.

& aunthy bes made the deepfried wanton, grilled veg.

and SM brought the birthday cake.

had a really wonderful and memorable birthday dinner with my dearest family. thank you to wife and children for the enjoyable evening!

c.h.e.f andy


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