Nice Simple Homecooked 3pax Dinner with OCH and Daughter N on 4Oct2020

OCH & daughter N came over for dinner on 4.10.2020.

N & C leaving for HK on wed 7.10.2020 and returning directly to USA afterwards.

the family stay in cupertino and N most recently visited singapore and HK in 2017.

I made-

  1. pumpkin arugula salad
  2. spanish omelette (tortilla)
  3. steamed cod
  4. seafood paella

N especially liked the paella. paella was very flavourful, with tasty chicken stock and lots of vegetables to balance the sweetness. and perfectly al dente.

i made paella (rather than pasta) & western dishes at N’s request as she said always had not great pasta at college, and they have good chinese food in HK. all the dishes finished.

nice simple dinner. had a good chat afterwards with father & daughter on USA and HK.

c.h.e.f andy


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