Sumptuous 6pax Home Gourmet Dinner on 25Sep2020

wife & i did 6pax dinner for our friends H&J and WM&J this evening on 25.9.2020.^^

dinner menu


  1. fried wanton (lisa)

2. crackling belly pork


3. mexican veracruz halibut (wife)

4. chorizo prawns


5. flamed squid on cauliflower puree

6. chiili crab crab cake


7. crabmeat squidink pasta

8. seafood paella

9. mirin ribeye steak (wife)


9. pumpkin spinach salad (wife)

10. grilled vegetables (aunty bes)

deepfried wanton was wonderful.

belly pork was both crackling & blistered 酥脆👍it’s a thin mostly still moist tender some parts harder.

squid with cauliflower puree excellent.

crab cake very good too & chilli crab chilli not too spicy ..not sure any resemblance of chilli crab sauce lol!
chorizo prawns good too.

crabmeat squid ink pasta & paella very tasty & perfect al dente texture.

wife’s veracruz halibut &mirin steak excellent too.

& we had J’s michelin platter & kueh salat too. most enjoyable.

very yummy delicious dinner & fun evening with our good friends & buddies.

c.h.e.f andy


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