Excellent Char Siew @ One Bowl on 16Sep2020

WM & j\ bought 4pax dinner @ one bowl jln sultan this evening on 16.9.2020.^^

chef tammie loke came by to chat..

food was good..

signature char siew especially good..one of the most delicious i had..nicely caramelised, also very tender moist texture quite excellent 👍

char siew bun similar to kongbak pao.. same nice char siew ..I can do w/o the carbs..

century egg tofu a common dish..this was very well done..nice sauce with added mirin & sake ..

claypot rice very flavourful..mee sua was good too..

we had chendol for dessert ..quite lemak & nice..not quite as intense and flavourful as ICE chendol at old airport road.

c.h.e.f andy


One Bowl


101 Jln Sultan, #01-01, Singapore 199002

Opening Hours:


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