Delectable 6pax OPS & RI Bros Homecooked Lunch on 10Sep2020

白斩鸡 & chilli ginger sauce dark soy sauce

made 6pax OPS & RI bros lunch today on 10.9.2020.^^

  1. chinese herbal mutton rib soup
  2. braised mutton ribs in claypot
  3. 白斩鸡 & chilli
  4. chicken rice
  5. sambal kang kong

白斩鸡 & chicken rice the usual good standard today..chicken very smooth, tender,moist, tasty..chilli very good..& rice very flavourful

mutton rib was from bedok market S$18/kg clearly frozen

mutton rib soup still very good though last 2 times fresh ribs & better cut much better than this…

braised mutton rib my first time very good tasty👍

c.h.e.f andy


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