Prime Rib Bakuteh for 6pax RI TRIPS Lunch on 13Aug2020

HK organised 6pax bkt lunch today on 13.8.2020.^^

for his Tanjong Rhu Integrated Primary School (TRIPS) mates – TOS, LCM, KL

plus NCL made the covid TRIPS to GLL lol!😜

  1. 龙骨肉骨茶prime rib bkt
  2. 卤元蹄 teochew braised hock
  3. 烧肉 roast belly pork today lagi perfecto! 很脆totally crackling & moist flavourful inside
  4. sambal baby potato leaves

a very good lunch…prime ribs tender, fall of the bones and very sweet and moist especially with dark soy sauce and cut chilli. braised hock also perfect very gelatinous and moist and tasty.

the gang had a great time together.

c.h.e.f andy

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