very Good Char Siew and Roast Chicken @ Lao Xiong Ji Sin Ming on 30Apr2019

S$3.50 roast chicken drumstick rice.

lao xiong ji roasted delights

had char siew and roast chicken at lao xiong jin in sin ming road on 30.4.2019. ^^

past lunch hour, 2pm+ already so no queue…

both were very good. char siew nicely roasted with burnt bits and tender and tasty.

sin ming bkt (rong cheng before) sold out dragon ribs 龙骨。

and hup seng braised duck was closed.

S$3.50 roast chicken drumstick rice

S$3.50 roast chicken drumstick rice

roast chicken also very good, tender and tasty. chilli spicy and good, especially with dark sauce…no ginger sauce though.

c.h.e.f andy


Lao Xiong Ji Roasted Delights @ Sin Ming


22A Sin Ming Rd, 571022


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