QTC bought 2pax Lucnh @ Tiong Bahru Hainanaese Chicken Rice on 10May2019

QTC bought 2pax lunch

my good friend QTC bought 2pax lunch at tiong bahru hainanese chicken rice on 10.5.2019. ^^

tiong bahru hainanese chicken rice

place super crowded and constant flow of customers.

we waited quite long as we didn’t realise we had to pay first then in the queue, and others coming after us were all being served.

so lunch actually took quite long for busy QTC…just that we were chatting and sharing and didn’t mind.

chicken rice

chicken breast was tender and moist and quite sweet with the dark sauce. rice was fragrant.

not bad but also run of the mill, nothing great either.

char siew rice

char siew was the tender with sauce type, more artificial, not the more fatty burnt bits type i prefer.

for my taste, char siew is average or below…

char siew rice

had a great time with a close friend.

c.h.e.f andy


Tiong Bahru Hainanese Chicken Rice


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