Very Good Hock Prawn Mee. Ngoh Hiang Good Too on 2Mar2019

3pax supper with WM and WT

went supper with WT & WM to hock prawn mee at jln besar/dickson road on 2.3.2019.^^

this period WT can only come out for supper.

S$6 prawn noodles dry

the prawn noodles was very good, much above my expectation.

WT bought S$6 which had 3 very tender pork ribs, small intestines, and prawns.

S$6 prawn noodles dry

pleasant surprise for me! the pork ribs were very good, the chilli and sauce very good too. and the soup very intense and flavourful. after alan closed down his “why eat har”(luckily still got J’s to turn to), this like the best prawn noodles i had.

ngoh hiang S$9.40 5 pieces

ngoh hiang S$9.40 5 pieces

WM went to add order of ngoh hiang. he ordered 5 types, they were all pretty good! especially the crispy one, and the sausage etc were all good. chilli also very good!

S$6 prawn noodles dry

ngoh hiang was great, but this delightful prawn noodles was really something. i will surely come back for this prawn noodles.

c.h.e.f andy


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