Most Unsatisfying Teochew Muay at Yelaixiang 夜来香 on 2Feb2018

teochew muay dishes 

went with sis & bil to yelaixiang 夜来香 at bukit merah view coffeeshop on 2.2.2019.

柴船头mutton soup closed for chinese new year so went to 夜来香 very ex about S$36 for 3pax..maybe it was almost chinese new year time…prices were exorbitant and very unsatisfactory for the kind of food…would have been like $20 couple years back..

some red fish S$5

some red fish S$5 

cheap fish now S$5.

mullet S$12

mullet now S$12. was S$*, then S$9 previously.

teochew muay can be quite expensive and not worth it in many stalls in singapore.

in the past the attractions of yelaixiang and yeshanghai was precisley because they were cheap! and food was competent to good…

if the fish not cheap i can do it anytime at home. almost no effort and just as good, anytime.


and one attraction of teochew muay for me is the vegetable dishes…for me, steam fish and sotong no need skill, purely matter of price, but the vegetables usually simple cheap dishes and very tasty.

today expensive and not very tasty. then come fro what right?

clams & veg

lala clams

teochew muay dishes

now totally lost interest in these teochew muay stalls…will vote with my feet..

my own teochew muay dishes much better at fraction costs.

c.h.e.f andy


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