Good Roast Duck @ Fook Kin on 27Jan2019

roast meat & noodles 

wife wanted to go dinner

called xin cuisine fully booked this evening thought of song kee noodles at tembeling but kind of far

settled on fook kin at killiney road

portion roast duck $16, char siew $6.80 noodles $3 total bill $28.58 not cheap but food was nice we enjoyed it

fook kin # killiney road 

not sure what love hotel message & colour they trying?

roast dick portion S$16 

roast duck was good, very flavourful, hotel restaurant standard, like dianxiaoer and JB yawang standard.

char siew s$6.80

char siew some parts a bit tough…taste was good, sauce was salty.

roast meat & noodles

we ordered a S$3 noodles to go with the roast meat.

noodles came with minced meat, tasty, and we tossed ourselves with meats and chilli. 🙂

2pax dinner with wife @ fook kin

roast meat & noodles

great dinner, we enjoyed it!

c.h.e.f andy



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