Good Korean BBQ with RI Bro QTC at 8korean@Central on 15Oct2018

lunch with QTC

 went to my RI bro QTC’s office at central today on 15.10.2018. ^^

after that we went for 2pax lunch at 8korean @ central next to his office. had a great chat & lunch togetther.

I bought $100 chope viuchers for $59..we ordered the server’s recommendations, a flower pork set $68 which included a stew. i chose beef kimchi stew & added a grilled squid $22=enuf to feed 3-4pax actually. lol! 🙂

lunch cost $108 which i top up $8 = total $67 for lots of food for 2pax.

banchan 반찬

the usual banchan 반찬 was quite limited. there was pickled gourd or zucchini.

banchan 반찬

something that felt like pasta.

banchan 반찬

pickled radish.

banchan 반찬

pickled cucumbers.

beef stew (included in the prok set)

server cooking pork & sotong

the server did the grilling of the pork set and sotong while we enjoyed lunch and conversation. 🙂

S$22 grilled sotong

came with S$22 grilled sotong

the grilled squid which other bloggers recommended included lots of kimchi and large bean sprouts.

grilled sotong

squid was nicely done. good bbq flavour and tasty with the dips.

S$68 flower pork set

the S$68 flower pork set consisited of flower prok belly, pork neck steak and pork jowl.

on 8korean website, they stated that they used only hungarian mangalitza pig. and looking at the description these should be more alike iberico or kurobuta, more marbled with fat of lower melting point…i must say i didn’t feel that much different like the pork was more flavoured or marbled when eating. of the 3 meats, the belly seemed tougher.

grilled pork & sotong

overall it was a satisfying lunch.

the pork should be like 400g, and the beef stew was a huge serving,

but really even a hotpot stew cannot c/w a simple kimchi chigae at aburiya lor..

i don’t think i would pay S$68 for this pork set plus beef stew but for 40% discounts at S$40, it is doable and i would come here and have this again.

sadly there was zero customer except us for the entire lunch period on a monday…not sure how singapore dining establishments survive?

we had a great tete a tete having the entire place to ourselves. lol! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


8korean @ central

Located in: Clarke Quay Central
Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, 02-79/90, Singapore 059817
Phone: 8692 1188

Opening Hours: 

monday – friday 11:30AM–2:30PM, 5:30–10:30PM
saturday – sunday 11:30AM–10:30PM

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