Birthday Dinner for JH – 6pax Family Dinner @ Aburiya Robertson Quay on 4May2018

wagyu jo karubi (prime ribs)

had a belated birthday dinner for JH at aburiya @ robertson quay on 4.5.2018. ^^

this our usual haunt. for me the best yakiniku in singapore. 🙂

the wagyu jo karubi (prime ribs) very good, always are.


tried lamb this evening. ok…

pork & some beef

we ordered secreto, “secret” prized cut from the shoulder…

it was ok. everybody preferred the wagyu jo karubi though.

sweet corn

 first time having sweet corn here. nice! 🙂

kimchi chigae

kimchi chigae always perfect, not too salty & very tasty.



& we all love the bibimen & the bibimbap too.

& the folks consumed a bottle of sake.

a very enjoyable family outing, as always! 🙂



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