WM Bought 4pax OPS Bro Dinner @ Ming Chung on 10May2018

4pax dinner @ ming chung

4pax dinner @ ming chung

WM bought 4pax OPS bros dinner at ming chung restuarant, 67 maude road on 10.5.2018. ^^

ming chung

we were talking about heng hwa food on one of the chat so decided to try here.

heng hwa dishes

food was quite average, not really that great..

but good enough & bros had a great time together. afterwards we walked over to chye seng huat for a good cuppa

WM ordered 6 populr dishes here.

heng hwa lor mee

heng hwa lor mee

heng hwa lor mee is a must have here. different from the hokkien dark gluey sauce, this came with pork, veg, seafood & clams in a broth.

heng hwa lor mee

quite tasty, and altogether a nice dish to have.

fried batang fish

the fried batang fish is one of their signature here.

this though was below my expectation. it was plain & quite tasteless.  it’s a simple dish to do & i think WT & I can do better.

hae chor

the hae chor didn’t quite look like hae chor in good teochew restaurants. taste wise they were pretty ok.

oyster egg

oyster egg was non descript, ok too i guess.


tofu dish ok with a tasty broth with seaweed.

cuttlefish kang kong

cuttlefish kang kong was below par to me.

this a common zichar dish & i think many zichar would do better than this.

4pax dinner = S$79

dinner was S$79 for 4pax, quite ok.

CSH cafe

CSH cafe

after dinner we walked over to chye seng huat cafe for a cuppa.

a nice evening together.




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