Good Wanton Noodles @ Ah Wing’s Wanton Mee (詠記麺家) on 12May2018

wanton noodles

daughter messaged to have early lunch at empress road food centre on 13.5.2018. ^^

Ah Wing’s Wanton Mee (詠記麺家)

she found the stall she wanted = Ah Wing’s Wanton Mee (詠記麺家).

it is at one end at the back of the food centre (if you are coming from the carpark direction).

dumpling soup 水饺汤

JH ordered additional dumpling soup 水饺汤.

dumpling noodles 水饺面

daughter took the dumpling noodles 水饺面.

i had my usual kopi c gosong tilok.

wanton noodles was quite good. noodles were qq & chilli was good. char siew good too.

so was the dumpling.

there was a queue at 11am+ on a saturday…

this daughter always organised the family gatherings, and asked to have lunch with me a few times. i always joined & have a coffee.




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