4pax Home Hotpot 火锅 for Meimei, Sis and BIL on 4May2018

hotpot 火锅

having lunch with meimei, my godsis today on 4.5.2018. ^^

my sis & bil are joining lunch. my sis loves hotpot 火锅, and hotpot about the easiest thing to do, no effort so i decided to just make hotpot 火锅 for lunch. 🙂

hotpot 火锅

i got the mushrooms (enoki, shitake & abalone mushrooms), and chinese cabbage & spinach from sheng shion.

hotpot 火锅

i had some leftover chicken stock so boiled 1/2 the chinese cabbage in the stock for 3hrs.

added 1/2 the beef balls & teochew fishcakes (also from sheng shiong)..

beef, pork & prawns

i used 1.2 of the 500g first choice USDA shabu beef from qbfoods, and the other day i bought japanese white pork from donki.

japanese white pork (bought from donki)

the white pork was for sukiyaki so thicker cut than shabu, but ok for me.

this pork was ok but not the same quality as iberico pork, not as tender & sweet, but still quite ok.

USDA first choice shabu beef

the USDA first choice shabu beef  was quite super. sweet beef very thinly sliced, so very tender & sweet. first choice indeed.

mushrooms & vege

& mushrooms & vege always good complements for hotpot & made the soup very sweet, balanced sweetness from the meat & the vege.

teochew fishcake & bean curd skin

the beancurd skin always very good.

hotpot 火锅

we cleaned up the food. i left the table earlier so meimei had a good chat with my sis & bil.

after lunch my sis made 功夫茶, and we ate some ground nuts.

a very enjoyable lunch & time together.

c.h.e.f andy

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