Stroll Alongside Lake Bled Day 1 3pax Family Slovenia Holiday 15-21Sep2018

restaurant and pension mlino

restaurant and pension mlino was just across the road from the lakeside.

so we just needed to step out “stealthily”, crossed the road & we were by the lake.

pletna boat ferry

there is another pletna ferry point at this location.

pletna boat lake bled 

the fare to bled island is €14pax. this location is much nearer to blef island & the journey probably takes 10mins, whereas the pletna boat at our grand hotel toplice takes like 35mins.

anyhow we wanted to hike up ostrica & to go to vintgar gorge afterwards, so we deferred to visit to bled island to the next day.


the swan are used to people here, so quite unperturbed by my presence. 🙂

bled island

bled island

lake bled 

we strolled along the lakeside in the direction of ostrica trail head and enjoyed the calm & peaceful spirit of lake bled & the glorious views of bled island from different vantage points.

there were many people fishing along the lakeside.

they anchored 2 metal supports into the earth. cast the fishing line & rested it on the supports with some locking mechanism. looked sturdy enough. 🙂

chill out cafe

there is some cafe chillout place accessible from the path along the lakeside.

bled island

bled island

bled island

bled island is picture perfect from any angle.

the short walk brought us to the trail head for ostrica hike, which was just across the road from the lakeside path.

c.h.e.f andy


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