Good Lunch @ Restavracija Mlino Day 1 3pax Family Holiday in Slovenia 15-21Sep2018

€15.70 mixed grill

we found a restaurant with good size parking not far from ostrica trailhead.

parking ONLY for pension & restaurant guest. 🙂

welcome black board


we were early so carpark quite empty.

got a nice table outside (temp i think about 22degC), nice rest stop to chill out.

restaurant was part of pension mlino

restaurant and pension mlino

restaurant is part of a pension.

i wonder what is the price? probably like <1/2 maybe 1/3 the exorbitant grand hotel toplice price…if i ever come again, i will look are other accomodation options like this one.

erdinger beer

son happily chilling out with his cold erdinger beer €4.50.

my mineral water was €2.30 & wife other beer like €3.50.

after that i basically turned to drinking bitter lemon at the same price as water. lol! 🙂

bread basket 

bread basket was hearty. good for the hungry.

they don’t bring olive oil & balsamic as a practice, so had to ask, and they always bring it, no issue.

€3.50 tomato soup

the €15.70 mixed grill (top photo) was good enough.

chicken was good, sausage & the minced meat roll were good. pork was ok, beef was tough.

tomato soup was good.

this the really nice freshly made tomato soup, excellent tomato flavours, very hearty, homely, satisfying.

€11.90 unusual fish & chips

the fish and chips came in an unusual preparation. but it was good.

the batter came with almond flakes, the dry type not fluffy batter.

€11.90 unusual fish & chips

fish was good & sides were ok. 🙂

€42.60 for 3pax lunch

3pax lunch came to €42.60 including €10.30 for drinks.

bled is supposedly an expensive place, so i guess price was ok.

i think we gave a small tip, so probably paid €45.

€15.70 mixed grill

after lunch we kind of sneaked out of the restaurant & walked to the lakeside, and then to ostrica trailhead & hiked up to ostrica view point.

not that we mind paying €10 for carpark like at camping bled, but it was quite bothersome to go find parking again & the walk from the parking to the trailhead likely further.

so sneak was the best policy in teh circumstances. :-p

c.h.e.f andy


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