Recipe = Ika Sugatayaki (various from) 10Dec2017

finally did my most successful ika sugatayaki on 10.12.2017. ^^

it was a delightful, delicious dish. superb chow tar (BBQ) flavours, just the right texture, tender & tasty…

previously i used the oven. but there is the great difficulty of getting a dry enough squid w/o overcooking it. very difficult. 

so i decided to switch to flaming with a torch.

as flaming not enuf to cook the sotong, i steamed the sotong first about 90% cooked, then put in the fridge to dry overnight & dried with kitchen towels before flaming.

when about to cook, i added sea salt, 1 tbsp olive oil, then drizzle honey (or agave nectar) on the squid, on aluminium foil on a metal tray. then i flamed it.

i did that several times for dinners for my family & friends afterwards.

a very well received dish for everyone, everytime. 🙂

during the mar/apr period, i gotten large frozen ika from donki at orchard central B2.

that was the best.


now i don’t see it, but the squid we can get here, pick the large & thick standing up ones, they are good too. 🙂

at the recent 11pax RI makan group dinner on 3.7.2018, all the friends loved the ika sugatayaki (grilled whole squid). ^^

basically steamed to cook 90%, put in fridge to drain dry, then added olive oil, sea salt, drizzled with honey & flamed to give the bbq “chowtar” flavours.

really lovely dish….diners cut themselves, good audience participation…hahaha! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


  • large squid 1x400g or 2x200g
  • sea salt
  • olive oil
  • honey or agave nectar


  1. cut rings on squid (w/o cutting through), wash squid with salt & clean inside.
  2. skewer squid with long bamboo skewers to hold them straight
  3. steam squid about 90% cooked & place o rack in fridge few hours or overnight to dry..pat dry before flaming.
  4. pace squid over aluminium foil on metal tray.
  5. add sea salt 1 tbsp olive oil & 1tbsp honey
  6. flame the squid


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