Good S$3 Wanton Mee and Very Good 牛车水 Braised Duck on 4Aug2018

wanton mee & braised duck

my OPS bro WT dropped by, pick me up & we decided to go Commonwealth crescent food centre on 4.8.2018.^^

S$3 wanton mee + S$1 braised pork soft bones

queue at jian kang noodles

we took jian kang S$4 wanton mee = $3+S$1pork soft bones..i asked for more chilli..

the noodles, chilli, char siew all very nice, & the braised pork soft bones especially..

i added a spoon of larpok for each bowl, very crisp & tasty too.

4 wanton 

and the 4 wantons very good too. 🙂

S$8 牛车水braised duck

S$8 牛车水braised duck 

WT went to order the 牛车水braised duck.

they basically closed shop liao, so we got whatever leftovers, looked like a wingstick plus bits & pieces. for S$8. 🙂

didn’t look like much but it was in fact a good serving & duck was very good 👍

i do a very flavourful (“pang”) braised duck myself but this meat was really very tender & sweet, unusual, among the best braised duck i think. ^^

wanton mee & braised duck

after lunch we went to my place for a cuppa.

a great time with a very close friend.

c.h.e.f andy


(1) Jian Kang Wanton Mee #02-77

(2) 牛车水braised duck #02-95

31 Commonwealth Crescent S149644, Commonwealth Crescent Market & Food Centre

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