Tapas 4pax Home Dinner with Wife’s Friends on 26May2018

4pax tapas dinner

made a tapas dinner for 4pax for wife’s friend couple MC & H on 26.5.2018. ^^

4pax tapas dinner

i made –

  1. miso belly pork
  2. dubrovnik orange jam chicken
  3. chorizo prawns
  4. grilled vegetables &
  5. seafood tagliatelle

orange jam chicken & miso belly pork

miso belly pork was my usual.

i put in 95degC oven for 7hrs. then i flamed & cut. the texture just slightly over. if texture were perfect, the cut would be clean slice (no fraying)…or maybe my knife not sharp? lol! 🙂

miso belly pork

it was nice anyway & looked great flamed…can always be better la..

orange jam chicken

the dubrovnik orange jam chicken turned out perfect!

wife’s friend said “chicken was exquisite”. taste was great & texture perfect, moist, tender, wonderful bite…almost crystalline..

H asked how it was done?…actually quite simple –

  • just marinate with fish sauce & pepper, drown in orange juice (i use only 1 orange for 1/2 chicken – deboned thigh & breast.
  • fry skin down high fire little oil to charred the skin (3mins) then turn over & add the orange juice…i did not have the korean yuzu jelly so added 1tbsp jam. cover & cook chicken while reduce sauce (5mins). remove chicken & reduced sauce & serve as a dip.

chorizo prawns my usual recipe.

brown a whole garlic cloves, add cut chilli padi & basil leaves. then add sliced chorizo. & some red & yellow peppers.

key is adding very intense tasty chicken stock, and some white wine, and reduced the whole thing.

when serving, boil, add prawns & cover. important tip is prawns should be just right & not overcooked.

grilled vegetables

i pangrilled the vegetables – red & yellow pepper, zucchini, and portobello mushrooms.

grilled sweetcorn (flamed)

wife oven grilled the sweet corn, which i flamed. it was very good.

seafood tagliatelle was good today. prawns, squid all cooked just right. pasta was al dente (could be more al dente actually), and stock was great (intense chicken stock & white wine reduced) so very tasty.

parfait dessert

parfait dessert

H made some parfait dessert. i heard she wanted to do pavlova initially but anyhow this parfait was excellent especially with the passionfruit, very tasty. love it!

was a simple & quite wonderful dinner.

after dinner we went to their place (3+1 bedroom with own swimming pool)…very nice place, sat and chat for a while.

c.h.e.f andy

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