2 Crabs for S$30 Promotion (PK Bought 4pax Lunch) on 22May2018

2 x干香 crabs for $30 promotion

my OPS buddy PK bought 4pax lunch today at diamond kitchen on 22.5.2018. ^^

there was a crab promotion 2 crabs for S$30 he ordered the 干香 style. 🙂

fish head curry

there was also another promotion like 4 dishes including fish head curry for S$76.

PK ordered that too.

fish head curry was good, though i thought the one at sum kee we had last friday on 18.5.2018 was better!

breaded chicken

the breaded chicken quite good too. chicken was tender tasty, breadcrumbs good too, not oily & nice sauce…


lala also good…plain but fresh & plump & sweet. 🙂

fried veg

vegetables were ordinary…

2 x干香 crabs for $30 promotion

the best deal had to be the 2 crabs promotion = 2x500g crabs for S$30.

干香 style not very flavourful though & not spicy. PK went back again & had pepper crab…he said that was better.

i think lunch would be like S$125..the crab was good deal…the S$76 set so so i think…maybe order ala carte the fish head curry & some other dishes.

c.h.e.f andy


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