Great Fish Head Curry (WT Bought 3pax OPS Bros Lunch) @ Sum Kee on 18May2018

curry fish head S$26 

WT bought nice 3pax lunch today at sum kee, telok blangah street 31 on 18.5.2018. ^^

sum kee 

the place quite filled up at lunch time. parking is free.

curry fish head S$26 

fish head curry was good, both lemak & savoury.

i like the fish head curry here…drank up most of the curry…not the best i had but it would do…

S$26 not cheap, also not ex..S$25 the going rate most zi char places though one can certainly find cheaper ones & promotion prices etc…

spanish ribs S$28

the spanish ribs was to me quite ex for zi char place, but then these days many zi char more ex than restaurants, so just need to look out for deals…

this a half rack maybe 6 ribs, and more ex than tony romas (just checked $26.90 for babyback 1/2 rack and S$24.90 for st louis 1/2 rack).

spanish ribs S$28 

ribs were well done fork tender. no better than tony romas or anybeach cafe or roasters i guess.

bbq ribs are not particularly my favourite though i don’t ind also. spanish ribs in fact a bit chinese style with sticky too much honey kind of sauce. i prefer the st louis kind more savoury meaty sauce & bbq flavours…my friends loved it though.

金龙菜 S$15

金龙菜 was good but a bit ridiculously price at S$15 for small. most other veg on the menu are S$8 or S$10 for small. and as i remembered & had it shortly the week after, the one sold at benson duck was just S$3.

S$78 for 3pax

S$78 for 3pax for 3 dishes & drinks, a bit high side for me for the place & food.

the place was crowded at lunch time, so most people i guess finds it ok.

msw $12 per kg at sin kian choon

msw $12 per kg at sin kian choon

msw $12 per kg at sin kian choon

we decided to go sin kian choon in one after lunch & bought msw at S$12/kg.

then we stopped over at telok blangah & another OPS buddy PK joined us for durians.

after that we returned to our parked cars at sum kee.

a wonderful lunch & durians afterwards.

c.h.e.f andy



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