Good S$9.80 Kaisen Mountan Mori @ Sabar Japan Food Town Wisma L4 on 10Jan2018

kaisen mountain mori S$9.80 

went with sis & bil to sabar at japan food town, wisma atria L4 this morning for early lunch on 10.1.2018. ^^

sabar was having a promotion kaisen mountain mori at S$9.80. it came with complimentary tea..i also got a pair of free saba sushi from jpassport. it was too difficult for me to do it for my sis & bil so i just let them have the pair of saba sushi.

kaisen mountain mori S$9.80 

the kaisen mountain mori itself was pretty good deal at S$9.80.

of course there was no premium cuts, but the magura, salmon, saba cuts were all fresh & sweet, and the amount was substantial, no gimic!

i think this donburi can go for like S$16.90..

kaisen mountain mori S$9.80 

it was a simple & one item lunch.

we all enjoyed it. i would do this again if i am around here..

takeaway chirashi don S$16.80 @ bonta bonta 

leaving japan food town, i grabbed a takeaway chirashi don S$16.80 at bonta bonta for wife.

she enjoyed that very much when she took it later.

c.h.e.f andy



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