Great Lobsters @ Ah Yat Abalone Frum Restaurant on 10Jan2018

lobster in buttee lime sauce S$35 

went with wife to mosque street for some meeting at 5.30pm on 10jan2018.

after meeting, we decided to go to ah yat abalone forum at victoria street at hotel grand pacific for 2pax dinner.

prices had go up quite a bit since last time.

lobster is now S$35, instead of S$29.80 in dec2017, just couple weeks back! likewise tiger garoupa is now S$48/kg instead of S$38/kg previously.

razor clams S$5.50 

we ordered the garlic steamed razor clams, one each…no change in prices still S$5.50 a piece. 🙂

razor clams S$5.50 

it is consistently good in ah yat…

razor clams done just right, succulent, tasty, wonderful garlic oil sauce…

lobster in butter lime sauce S$35 

we ordered the lobster in butter lime sauce S$35.

this a new flavour we like..they don’t do pumpkin flavour here like ah yat grandstand, but this butter lime sauce very good la…

lobster baked in superior stock 上汤焗 S$35 

we looked at the order a crab tanhoon dish was like S$70, and a prawn tanhoon dish like S$50+…

so in the end it’s still the S$35 lobster that is the best deal.

so we ordered a second lobster  baked in superior stock 上汤焗 S$35 …

lobster baked in superior stock 上汤焗 S$35 

this was very good today.

however recently it became a bit inconsistent & we had tried not so great ones last time.

hor fun S$20 

we order a small hor fun.

it was S$20. good wokhae & wonderful flavours & good ingredients too.

hor fun S$20

hor fun S$20 

a lot of carbs but i like this was the “worthwhile” carbs that we enjoyed having..

2pax dinner with 2 lobster, 2 razor clams, plus hor fun was about S$130, quit eok for the food quality.

c.h.e.f andy




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