Good Friend Called, We Went Out for Kopi @ Teck Huat on 11Dec2017

my RI bro JLKY came by..

i cooked a spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头 (above photo)..

..didn’t eat myself..not feeling so great & didn’t want to eat..

the looked delicious..i know it is delicious! haha! the thickened sauce was just’s a small fish no problem for my friend 1pax to finish..

teck huat kopi


teck huat kopi

after that i needed to get flexible hose & hepa filter from bosch in amk so we went together..

then had coffee at teck huat, as good as 五十年代Chinatown … 


also bought persimmon, dole pineapples, envy apples

later in the afternoon, nespresso delivered the capsules & free gift = 4 cups cappuccino & expresso cups + saucers

dinner was fried romaine lettuce & fruits…bot eating much today..

c.h.e.f andy


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