4pax RI Bros Home Lunch on 13Dec2017

4pax RI bro lunch

JLKY, LKH, TCH came by for lunch..

We had-

1 HK styled claypot rice 
2 steamed minced pork with lifgt soy sauce
3 white braised belly pork
4 scallions baked salmon fish head 葱焖三文鱼头
5 fried romaine lettuce 油麦菜

HK claypot rice 香港沙煲饭

i cooked the HK claypot rice 香港沙煲饭 as it is easier than claypot chicken rice – no chicken to prepare, just add pork & hong kong liver sausage..

an important addition for this is the drizzling sauce. this the sauce they used at dimsum places to add to steamed rice like 凤爪排骨饭 or 粉肠. i did not have recipe but i gazak something similar which i had used many times.

just 1 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp dark soy sauce, 6 tbsp water… 

while claypot chicken rice would be much tastier by comparison, the pork & especially liver sausage flavours stood out in this simple HK claypot rice 香港沙煲饭 , very “pang” ie fragrant…

white belly pork 白腩肉

i got the texture right, but flavours so so, as i did not braise in the sauce & only added the sauce afterwards..limited taste..

minced pork

steamed minced pork with light soy sauce

steamed minced pork with light soy sauce a very simple, and really tasty dish, the fragrance of top quality light soy sauce…

salmon fish head

i got the salmon fish head for just S$3 at sheng shiong.

it was a good opportunity to test the scallion baked fish head, like the very good 葱焖鸦片鱼头 at老吉士in shanghai.

scallions baked salmon fish head

i added light soy sauce, olive oil & mirin (the last i shouldn’t have), then added the scallions & pinned them down with bamboo skewers, and baked in the 250degC oven for 15mins.

scallions baked salmon fish head

scallions baked salmon fish head

the result was ok. it’s like any good tasting fish head, nothing special, not quite the result i was looking for.

i think my recent scallion baked seabass experiment was better!

looking at the photos, perhaps today’s was too wet, so did not achieve the baked but instead more like steamed fish head…so maybe no mirin & drier if i would experiment again.

after lunch we set off for amk again. i bought the bosch vaccum hose this time. after went for coffee at teck huat amk.

c.h.e.f andy


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