10pax Homecooked Dinner for RI Makan Group on 6Nov2017

had 10pax homecooked dinner with RI makan kakis…i made 8 dishes –

#1 白斩鸡 chicken rice chicken 

#2 lor arh -braised duck

#3 braised hock 元蹄

#4 족발酱猪蹄chilled trotters

#5 (sio bak – JLKY brought)

#6 (big & small intestines – doc brought)

#7 steamed minced pork with light soy sauce

#8 chinese herbal mutton soup

#9 spicy black bean sauce steamed song fish head 松鱼头, topped with crispy lard

#10 fried cuttlefish & kang kong in gimson nonya sauce


this the second time i cooked for this group of RI makan kakis.

the last eat together we had was 8.9.2017 when WCM was visiting from london

it was a very enjoyable evening & camaraderie

DP returned to bangkok & GCG could not attend..

JLKY brought sio bak he made himself 👍 CCG foodtasted 1/4 of of it..or was it 1/3?

doc brought very nice big & small intestines perfect texture & good taste..

LCM brought his first champagne dessert..

HK & other friends brought veuve cliquot champagne, red wine & grapes

sadly, one who was with us during the last dinner & subsequently at hong lim hawker food tour is now in hospital…

i made 白斩鸡poached chicken with chicken rice & chilli etc…

very smooth & tasty & chilli was good.

rice was very fragrant, fried with chicken fat, ginger, shallots & cooked with intense chicken stock.

braised duck & 白斩鸡

this time i made a braised duck also.

this was easy to make using tai hua braising sauce, adding cinnamon bark, star anise, cloves, and whole bulb of garlic cloves.

duck was braised & steamed for 1hr 10mins, to get the flavourful braise infused in the duck & a moist, tender texture.

a flavourful, tender duck.

kept a drumstick quarter for wife

wife not joining dinner this evening, so i kept a drumstick quarter for her.

i made braised hock 元蹄 (upper part) and trotters (lower part).

actually i just used the braise for the duck. lol!^^

it was very tasty. just the right gelatinous skin texture & the lean meat was tender, moist and not old. that is important as if over-braised the lean parts become old & not tender or moist.

#4 족발酱猪蹄chilled trotters

i experimented with jogbal 족발, the korean chilled trotters which is sold all over shenzhen & shanghai also.

#4 족발酱猪蹄chilled trotters

i thought it was quite the correct texture. it was a more crunchy bite c/w with gelatinous braised hock 元蹄 texture… so by comparison not as laku as the latter. 🙂

#5 JLKY brought sio bak

JLKY brought the sio bak he made himself, so deserving highlight.

he brought twice before to my makans. those were made by the helper.

anyway CCG attested to the good taste, as we were left with a much shrunken portion at the dinner table after his food tasting.

#6 doc brought big & small intestines

doc brought very good big &small intestines. did not get the name of the shop. ask him next time. quite perfect both texture & taste, and no smell…

the steamed minced pork with light soy sauce was a dish i recreate after a daipaidong meal during my previous hong kong trip, at minsheng daipaidong 民声冰室 on 23.2.2017.

with top quality light soy sauce, this simple dish was quite delicious, smooth minced pork (with cornflour  & olive oil added), and superb light soy sauce fragrance.

this the second time i made chinese herbal mutton soup , and it was as good as my first time.

only that this time i did not have the longer 2.5″ ribs, only 1.5″ ribs. made a difference for me. i like the longer ribs.

CL was going to donate the ribs in his bowl. he generally avoided mutton becos of the smell.

this one though, he discovered no smell got flavour and quite perfect tenderness (6hrs in 95degC oven). the soup, which was just tai seng kong bkt soup sacket base added large red dates, lots of thin julienned ginger, whole bulb of garlic cloves & coriander, with wolfberries at the very last, was very smooth, tasty & flavourful.

i prepared 2 fish dishes.

first was a spicy black bean sauce steamed song fish head 松鱼头.

lar pok – crispy lard for song fish head 松鱼头

this reproduced my favourite prepartion (by hk street chun kee clumpy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头) at commonwealth crescent food centre. & i topped the dish with lar pok – crispy lard.

LYF took apart the entire head.

as there were enough food, with the addition of JLKY’s sio bak & doc’s big & small intestines, the guys said no need to go ahead with the HK steamed garoupa, which was ready for the steamer.

#10 fried cuttlefish & kang kong in gimson nonya sauce

the final dish was  fried cuttlefish & kang kong in gimson nonya sauce.

everyone liked the nonya sauce special flavours, as with the last dinner where GCG commented. HK had the dish right in front of him & that was his first & last & favourite dish for the evening.

for myself it was my chinese herbal mutton soup.


champagne jelly

the friends brought the grapes, red wine & HK the veuve cliquot widow special brew….

must highlight tai kor LCM’s effort to make the champagne jelly for the first time…texture was a bit firm..LYF made an interesting comment & finished the jelly, so tai kor was mightily impressed. we all knew who didn’t finish…lol! ^^

great fun, even as i looked back & relished the memories as i blogged. one among us in hospital. just yesterday i received another bad news….we know what is important to us at this time in our life journey…having such great time together & treasuring our friendship & fond memories.

c.h.e.f andy


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