Resume Blogging after 2-month Hiatus haha!

blog post stats

have not blogged for almost 2 months. 🙂

looking at my most recent post, that was 9nov2017.

guess i needed a rest.

quite many things happened over the period. my eldest daughter got married. i went with my OPS bro to shanghai. i did several home dinners for my RI bros & OPS buddies afterwards, and of course christmas, new year etc. and i did a few more friday community breakfast for teban gardens.

maybe i should do a new year resolution too.

my last & only new year resolution post was 1.1.2014. 🙂

well, see if inspirations beget me..

quite many posts to catch up over 2 months period…maybe i will start with teban gardens community breakfast first.

i started blogging on 5.3.2013. the post stats has just past 1million views. nothing great of course, anyhow this blog is for my own musing on cooking, dinning & travels & to relish my own memories & good times with my family & friends…so whatever use or reading pleasure for the public if any, is a bonus…

c.h.e.f andy


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