Very Good Value 4pax Birthday Dinner for Wife & Son @ Porta on 8Nov2017

iberian pork secreto medium well

had 4pax family dinner @ porta at park hotel clarke quay to celebrate wife & son birthdays on 8.11.2017. ^^



restaurant located next to entrance to park hotel clarke quay. nice ambience.

bread basket

bread basket was the usual, ok.

grilled octopus S$18

there is a UOB 1 for 1 main course & pasta promotion, which require reservations by phone or via chope online. 🙂 so the cheaper main course/pasta is free. 🙂

grilled octopus S$18

we ordered the grilled octopus appetizer S$18.

it was very good, tender, tasty, & nice garnishes & bit of sauce.

though not quite the standard of what we had at lake comon & cinque terre eg alle darsene @ lake como.

panseared foie gras S$24

foie gras was a good serving, according to the server, about 115g to 120g.

panseared foie gras S$24

i did not take the foie gras. wife & children said it was very good, very tasty, much better than mr & mrs bund in shanghai recently on 28.10.2017. 🙂

prawn & chorizo linguine S$22

we picked the prawn & chorizo linguine S$22, the popular dish here.

prawn & chorizo linguine S$22 

it was an excellent pasta – presentation was perfect, pretty,pasta texture was al dente, prawn was fresh & bouncy, & chorizo flavours were superb. & nice shaved parmesan cheese.

squidink seafood pasta S$20

same with the pasta of the day S$20 – a squid ink sauce seafood linguine. 🙂

squidink seafood pasta S$20

very tasty, though between the 2, i think the prawn chorizo linguine was better. 🙂

iberian pork secreto medium well S$26

the iberian pork secreto medium well S$26 was perfect too.

secreto had good marbling, flavourful & very well done, charred ont he outside, and sauce very tasty also. server advised the recommended doneness is medium well.

i googled secreto. found that it’s a secret butcher’s cut, not too specific, could be a cut near the belly. anyway it was a very good tasting cut.

100day grain fed black angus ribeye rare S$34

the 100day grain fed black angus ribeye rare S$34 also very good.

very tender, and sweet.

100day grain fed black angus ribeye medium rare S$34

i think good & fair price for a 100day grain fed black angus ribeye at S$34, and great value when there is 1 for 1. 🙂

100day grain fed black angus ribeye medium rare S$34

the 2oog rib eye steak was served with a tub of fries. 🙂

dinner for 4pax was about S$160, including of 1 for 1 alcoholic drinks from 4pm – 9pm. the white wine we had was very good, the whisky (fott-step in the dark) was useless, just whicky on the rocks…w/o the drinks it would have been about S$115. very good value! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Porta @ Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Opening Hours:

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