10 Delectable Dishes for 9pax RI Buddies Homecooked Dinner on 2Nov2017

10 dishes

made 10 dishes for 9pax western dinner my RI buddies this evening on 2.11.2017. ^^

this the same group of friends who came for a 10pax indian cuisine dinner on 19.9.2017. 🙂

KY couldn’t join. V was ill-disposed & HT has a last minute work commitment. SK who is resident in shanghai was in singapore & joined the dinner. i was going to make additional vegetarian dishes for S but he was uncertain of joining, so i just made a funghi risotto & some salad & grilled vegetables.

10 dishes

we had 10 dishes (recipe in the links)

1 pumpkin arugula salad with grape tomatoes & blueberries
2 tortilla – spanish omelette
3 nobu miso cod
4 teriyaki miso salmon belly
5 pan roasted brined chicken breast & thigh
6 mock kurobuta steak – slow braised pork collar
7 grilled vegetables- portobello mushrooms, zicchini & dutch eggplant
8 ika sugatayaki (experiment)
9 seafood fettuccine in creamy white wine sauce
10 funghi risotto

CL took the beautiful photos & brought sparkling wine, D brought too much red wine, AG brought tacos chip & dips, CJ brought ice creams.

& special thanks to HT for the cake though he could not join last minute. 🙂

tacos chips

cheese dip & tomato salsa

we all liked the tacos chips. i liked the tomato salsa more, thouygh as AG said it was a bit sour. i like sour! 🙂

red wine

red wine

CL brought his usual sparkling wine, which i managed to pop nicely.

& D’s red wine always good. i took very little of both… 🙂

pumpkin arugula salad with grape tomatoes & blueberries one of my wife’s popular salads. the other had quinoa instead of pumpkin (recipe).

very nice salad! i tossed the arugula when ready to serve so it would not be soggy. this evening i think it was very nice…

#1 making pumpkin arugula salad

first time i did the grilled pumpkin myself, usually by auntie Bes. i did 20mins, it was a bit overdone so a bit mushy, otherwise you can cut nice cubes. will do 15mins next time.

so seasoning, just add extra virgin olive oil & balsamic, some sea salt and a touch of honey (didn’t have agave nectar). same with grape tomatoes. when adding & tossing arugula, add some more olive oil & sea salt to taste. 🙂

tortilla- spanish omelette was nice & firm this evening. cut out into 10 pieces nicely.

simple preparation. just fry potato slices & sliced onions separately. add sea salt in pan. put together. beat 2 eggs, add 2tsp fish sauce & white pepper & add to the potatoes & onions. then fry in a small egg pan & flip.

pan roasted brined chicken breast & thigh was quite ok this evening.

chicken was deboned, brined in sugar & salt for 2 days in fridge, pan fried to brown the skin then pan roasted in 210degC oven for 8 mins. chicken was tender, moist & tasty from brining.

#4 mock kurobuta steak – slow braised pork collar

i did a mock kurobuta steak using frozen pork collar. kurobuta is of course like 4 to 5x the price.

pork collar approximate best as it has a bit of distributed fat like the marbling of kurobuta, but it has tough connective tissues.

#4 mock kurobuta steak – slow braised pork collar

so the preparation is 6hrs slow braise in 90degC oven to breakdown the connective tissues & convert to gelatine to flavour the meat. then pan charred, browned over high fire in butter & sea salt & coarse black pepper.

the pork collar turned out very well, great texture, and i had seasoned it in red wine & mustard, so great taste too.

the experimental pork loin (in front) was drier & not so great, so the preparation did not work so well with pork loin, need some adjustments.

# 5 & #6 nobu miso cod & teriyaki miso salmon belly

the nobu miso cod & teriyaki miso salmon belly were my usual popular dishes, always good.

WL liked the cod better. very tender, nicely flaky, oily & great miso flavour.

& nicely browned.

many friends – D, AG, CL liked the teriyaki miso salmon belly even better.

this evening though, it was slightly overdone so texture was less firm. taste was wonderful as usual. 🙂 for a nicer done dish & photos, see recipe here.

the ika sugatayaki (experiment)  just means grilled whole squid.

i was going to use the squid for the seafood pasta, but it was a large & thick squid so i decided to experiment with the grilling, and kept the head for the pasta.

grilled squid very difficult to do as it has lots of water & impossible to brown without overcooking the squid. so i tried drying the squid in the 90degC oven for 1/2 hr, blow under the fan, then added olive oil, honey & sea salt & flame it to caramelise. when serving dinner i put it for 3 minutes in 250degC oven.

i think taste was ok but not special. i did achieve the dryness but still overcooked it. CL’s comment was too dry! anyway the dish was unspectacular & much ado about nothing. not sure if i can perfect it. otherwise not worth doing…

#8 seafood fettuccine in creamy white wine sauce

i think my seafood fettuccine in creamy white wine sauce was my best this evening. very tasty sauce, pasta was al dente and prawns & sotong were done just right, not overcooked & very tasty.

i will write a separate recipe on this preparation.

risotto was ok this evening. mushroom flavour was quite intense.

still using up my arborio rice. maybe carnaroli is better but this not too bad also. risotto is a bit more buttery & not burnt like paella. & usually had chorizo to flavour the rice.

this evening i was doing this for S our vegetarian friend, so no chorizo! 🙂

#9 brown button mushrooms for funghi risotto

i used 250g brown mushrooms, the dry wet dry preparation (see recipe) to caramelise the mushrooms & onions, then added the arborio rice.

#9 funghi risotto

i put in 210degC oven for 6mins to speed up the process. so about 80% done & to cook it when serving.

#10 grilled vegetables- portobello mushrooms, zucchini & ducth eggplant

we also had some grilled vegetables- portobello mushrooms, zucchini & ducth eggplant. simple & nice, just added olive oil, sea salt & some butter, grilled for 30mins 25odegC.

hazelnut cake

HT bought a hazelnut cake for our dessert this evening. nice cake, not too sweet. regrettably HT was held back by a last minute call to cover some work emergency.

we had a very fun evening among old friends, and wide ranging conversation from bitcoins, blockchains to some school practices etc…a wonderful, memorable get together…

c.h.e.f andy


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