Good S$50 4-course DBS/POSB Menu @ Ricciotti Riverwalk on 20Oct2017

chacuterie platter

went to visit my good friend TC, dental surgeon who is taking care of my dental health at 5.30pm on 20.10.2017.

we arranged to have 2pax dinner & tete a tete after. ^^

Ricciotti DBS Affluent Dining Menu

i suggested couple places & TC picked ricciotti. it is a stone’s throw from his dental clinic at central. we crossed the overhead bridge & walked over to riverwalk. ricciotti was right there. 🙂

the DBS/POSB S$50++ menu looked ok not compelling. it is difficult to just see from menu but at least we had an idea of what we were having.

it turned out the the food was really good! ^^

chacuterie platter

we both picked the chacuterie platter. it was very good standard – aged parma ham, salami, ham, pickled olives & gherkins, and salad.

chacuterie platter

and salted bread! and this last was so good, so tasty & wonderful texture – actually like our “ham chee pen”. there are more things in common in the different cuisines than we know…haha! 🙂

anyway, we enjoyed the chacuterie. ^^

spaghetti marinara

we both picked the spaghetti marinara too.

spaghetti marinara

& this was really good good. a simple dish with great ingredients – prawns, squid, mussels, clams, and very nicely done.

spaghetti was nicely al dente, seafood were fresh, and the simple tomato sauce was light, nice & tasty.

spaghetti marinara

& very nicely presented. a very good pasta dish for primi (first main)..

mint brined lamb loin

for the secondi (second main), i chose mint brined lamb loin & TC had grilled seabass.

mint brined lamb loin & grilled seabass

my mint brined lamb loin was quite exquisite, really really nicely done.

medium rare as recommended, very tender, no strong gamey taste, and very tasty with the jus. the whole dish was excellent. ^^

grilled seabass

TC had the grilled seabass. i didn’t try it. he said it was good. presentation was lovely. it looked fine.

panna cotta

the panna cotta was more ordinary, still competent, presented well too with some chocolate flakes, strawberry & blueberry on the side, and chocolate soil & mint on top.

overall i think an excellent meal. may not be wow! but certainly a very good, delicious dinner, quite above expectation.

we chatted for quite a long while after dinner. my friend TC very busy with his practice & he does a lot of overseas mission work & also helping out many in singapore. we both had a great time together, and really we relish this opportunity to share and relax in each other’s company…

c.h.e.f andy


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