Nice Enjoyable Lunch with Great Friends @ Toptable CIA Alacarte Lunch on 3Oct2017

complimentary appetiser

my RI friend PL now teaches at temasek poly.

another friend LS’s daughter graduated from diploma hospitality course at CIA.

we had tried lunches by students of –

  1. CIA-Temasek Poly Diploma in Culinary & Catering Management; and also
  2. CIA-SIT Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Food Business Management programs…

not only are the lunches very attractively priced, the standard of cooking & overall delivery are better than most cafe & average restaurants, and reaching the standards of good restaurants.

today we came for  ala carte 5pax lunch by students of the FBM degree porgram..

complimentary appetiser

there was a complimentary appetiser platter for our table (seems only those on the mailing list gets the free appetiser)…

it was good!

3 bruschetta with 2 hummus (one chickpea, forgot the other one), and selar (big eye scad). there were some sundried tomatoes, salad &

small tortilla (spanish omelette), like what i make..

beef carpaccio – S$6

i took the beef carpaccio. beef was sweet, came with some mesclun & a runny yoke quails egg. nice with coarse black pepper. competent, good standard.

minestrone soup – S$4

LS said minestrone was good… 🙂

vongole linguine – S$7

CL & I shared a vongole linguine – S$7 for starter portion…PL doesn’t take clams.

scampi with homemade pasta – S$8

LS took a scampi pasta, S$8 for appetiser portion. so she ate little.

pasta looked great, must be good. prawns looked ok. scampi is a regular fine dining dish but often in ceviche, tartare, sashimi or cured preparations..

i also had excellent cooked scampi dishes several times during my family trip to iceland in june2017. 🙂

braised beef in mushroom risotto S$16

PL & I had the braised beef in mushroom risotto.

braised beef in mushroom risotto

the mushroom risotto was excellent very flavourful, texture not al dente & quite a lot of sauce. it could be the intended method of preparation, anyway it was good!

the beef was tender, small serving but ok, competent, not quite a good restaurant standard.

breaded pork chop S$14

CL & SK had the breaded pork chop.

breaded not quite my favourite. i tried a piece it was quite ok for me. CL felt that it was a bit dry.

lemon meringue  semi freddo

we tried all the 3 desserts. all were pretty good actually.

i quite like this meringue & like ice cream semi frozen mousse.

tiramisu with kelhua

tiramisu with kelhua was very good, quite like the tiramisu i make, this with good kelhua…

tiramisu with kelhua

i like this also..

expresso with vanilla ice cream

the strong expresso wuth vanilla ice cream ok too, not my preferred combination, rather have nice coffee as coffee, and more difficult to share….

kopi with mooncakes -2 red bean mooncake made by LS

after lunch we adjourned to the canteen & ordered some coffee, tea etc.

LS brought her home made red bean mooncake (which was very nice!). i brought one macadamia nut double-yoke mooncake to share for the occasion.

we asked but couldn’t take the mooncakes at toptable, which was quite ok…

kopi with mooncakes -2 red bean mooncake made by LS

a great time out with good friends….

lunch was S$106 for 5pax…of course LS ate little, and few of us had like 3 courses, with appetiser & dessert.

c.h.e.f andy


Top Table @ Temasek Polytechnic


Opening Hours (for a short period where the program is putting out actual lunches by students):

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