Dessert Time @ Tian Yuan 甜元 Suetra on 24Jul2017 (RI Bro 10pax Sutera Mall Trip 24-25Jul2017)

peanut 花生糊

after a quite shiok meng meng roast duck 阿明帝皇鸭  & the best char siew lunch, we stopped by tian yuan 甜 元 to have some dessert.

peanut 花生糊 (top photo),& almond 杏仁糊best here..👍

tian yuan 甜 元dessert

tian yuan 甜 元dessert  is a few shops from our J hotel.

ondeh ondeh

we ordered some ondeh ondeh, coconut dessert with gula melaka inside..quite ok, pretty standard…skin a bit thick though…


rojak was ok too..sauce was light, just nice, not overpowering…

black sesame 黑芝麻糊 & almond 杏仁糊

black sesame 黑芝麻糊 ok, but peanut 花生糊 (top photo),& almond 杏仁糊best …

tau huay ginkyo nuts

bean curd with ginko nuts good…

pulut hitam

pulut hitam ok, quite standard..

dumplings in ginger soup

dumplings in ginger soup was quite good, boleh da…

ice kachang

ice kachang was mediocre, not too good actually, syrup not so tasty..

bill was RM99 for 10pax, pretty ok.

after that we checked in at J Hotel, got our 5 rooms, settle down a bit & walked over to doi chaang for free coffee – only 1 americano per room though…haha!

c.h.e.f andy


Tian Yuan Dessert Hut


Opening Hours:

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