Homecooked Teochew Chilled Yellow Croaker 小黄鱼 & 3 Vegetable Dishes on 7Apr2017

Teochew chilled yellow croaker 小黄鱼 & 3 vegetable dishes

after our nice Teochew muay lunch at ye shanghai, sis & bil came over my place. they watched tv & sis made some gongfucha 功夫茶 on 7.4.2017.

bil had to go for qigong & yoga. sis decided to stay for dinner.

I had yellow croaker 小黄鱼 in the freezer, so decided to make the same teochew chilled yellow croaker 小黄鱼 dish we had for lunch at ye shanghai.

we had 3 nice vegetable dishes at ye shanghai = cabbage, spinach & leek. I happen to have all these in my fridge, so I decided to make the 3 dishes. ^^

Teochew chilled yellow croaker 小黄鱼

Teochew chilled yellow croaker 小黄鱼 very easy to make. I got the fish special offer at sheng shiong for S$5.90. in that sense the same fish at ye shanghai for S$8 was really cheap.

I steamed the fish in the steam oven for 10mins, let it cool & placed it in the fridge for 1/2hr.

Teochew chilled yellow croaker 小黄鱼

the chilled yellow croaker 小黄鱼 was excellent.

my sis said it was much sweeter than what we had at ye shanghai..quite true actually..

fried spinach with ikanbilis

& so was my 3 vegetables. all were better than ye shanghai…

I fried ikan bilis, cut chilli padi in 2 tbsp oil, then added the spinach stems & chopped garlic. then added the spinach leaves. added 1/2 tbsp oyster sauce & fried on high heat.

this spinach was excellent, with the ikan bilis texture & flavours, very sweet.

fried leek with cheese sausage

I saw ye shanghai added luncheon meat to the leek.

so I fried the leek & 1/2 cut red onions with very tasty cheese sausage = Johnsonville beddar with cheddar. my daughter liked this dish best!

this preparation was quite similar to-

  1. a very tasty ham vegetable dish I had in Kyoto; &
  2. waxed meat & sausage with kailan 腊味炒芥兰at fu kee 富记粥品 in hong kong on 12.1.2016.

cabbage tanhoontaupok with ikanbilis

the cabbage dish was also excellent this evening.

I fried the ikan bilis & cut chilli padi. then added the cabbage & chopped garlic. the added 5 cut taupok ie bean curd skin (each square taupok I cut into 4 strips), added just 1/2 cup water & covered to reduce & cook/soften/infuse the taupok. when almost done I added the glass noodles. I forgot to cut the glass noodles first, will do that next time before frying.

this was an excellent dish, the glass noodles & taupok were well infused, moist & sweet, tasty.

fried leek with cheese sausage & cabbage tanhoontaupok

dinner was great. the food was great & easy to prepare. though sis & I took similar food for lunch & dinner, we still enjoyed every bit of it.

c.h.e.f andy


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