Cheap & Good Teochew Muay @ Ye Shanghai on 7Apr2017

teochew muay dishes

went with sis & bil for early lunch.

we decided to go ye shanghai at bukit merah view on 7.4.2017. ^^

last time I came here, also with sis & bil was on 27.10.2016.

yellow croaker 小黄鱼 – S$8

sis ordered 3 fish = yellow croaker 小黄鱼 & 2rabbit fish 知县鱼, 5 small plates of veg & 2 porridge = S$21.50.

the yellow croaker 小黄鱼was very fine 幼 & sweet. this the teochew chilled fish style 鱼饭 so best taken with tau jeon, the fermented beans with sauce.

rabbit fish 知县鱼 – S$5

rabbit fish 知县鱼 not as tender, but also sweet in its own way & very good also with tau jeon.

so less the 3 fishes = S$13, the 5 plates of veg + 2 porridge was S$8.50.


all the vegetables were good.

the leek very tasty.

hairy gourd?

this gourd item also good if least of my preference.


the cabbage very sweet & had some tan hoon & cloud fungus & fried with ikan bilis, very sweet & tasty dish.

broccoli & cauliflower

broccoli & cauliflower always good.

in a sense the cabbage is more standout as broccoli & cauliflower are always good on its own – ie you can destroy them by poor cooking but don’t have to do much, unlike the cabbage.


bittergourd with tau see – fermented black beans…always good too..


sis decided to add 2 more small plates vegetables.

we had another leek. I really enjoyed this & I am making this this evening at home.


& the spinach – very tasty also fried with ikan bilis.

sis & bil stayed back after lunch to watch tv.

bil had to go for his qigong & yoga class. sis stayed behind so I cooked some dishes & also steamed the same yellow croaker 小黄鱼.

I am doing the cabbage, leek & also spinach. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Ye Shanghai Teochew Porridge (夜上海潮洲粥)


#01-217, Boyang Coffee Shop, Blk 117 Bukit Merah View, 151116

Operating hours:
10.30am to 5am (Closed Tue)

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