Good Yong Tau Foo @ Hup Chong Hakka YTF (& White Beehoon at Hong Yun Zi Char) on 8Apr2017

yong tau foo

my RI friend arranged to have early lunch at hup chong yong tau foo on 8.4.2017.

lek chew restaurant 绿洲餐室

it’s a stall located at lek chew restaurant 绿洲餐室.

hup chong hakka yong tau foo

we were there at 11am. not so many people yet. on & off there was a queue.

hup chong hakka yong tau foo

I read some reviews & looked at the photos. didn’t think the place any special. the selection seems to be mostly deep-fried. some friends whatsapped that the ngor hiam was good. when we were queueing someone came to tapao ngor hiam, so that looks to be the most popular item here.

hup chong hakka yong tau foo

the price was $0.60 a piece which is more expensive than-

  1. the very good Jin House @ koufu tanglin halt; and
  2. the equally great meixi’s kitchen yong tau foo 美茜酿豆腐 at commonwealth drive blk 115B.

both charged S$0.50 a piece.

and of course, u hakka niang tou fu at circuit road food centre is still the best!

yong tau foo

still, the ytf is good here! ^^

the fried brinjal & the deep-fried ngor niam especially good.

yong tau foo

I also had the white teochew fish cake, a tau kua with minced pork, cuttlefish, morning glory & another item = total 7 pieces.

the fish balls & the pig skin were not kept in water & looked dry, so I did not pick those.

white beehoon

after ytf, we were chatting on various things & also about our upcoming trip to London & Wales.

& since the hong yun 鸿运 zi char was open, looked popular & had a few press cuttings, we decided to order a small plate to try/share.

hong yun 鸿运 zi char

customers started turning up.

hong yun 鸿运 zi char

my friend went to order the white beehoon (WBH).

white beehoon

WBH was good! very tasty I guessed a good stock, & several prawns, and also lard.

white bee hoon

I took a small amount to try.

I think it was really quite good standard.

four seasons cendol

after ytf & WBH, we decided to take one car & go over to lor 8 to eat the four seasons cendol.

four seasons cendol

it was wonderful as always! 🙂

so thick & intense flavours – I told my friends…

coco latte

my friend helped me buy a bottle of coconut oil  online, iHerb I think.

coconut oil

the price was about S$15.60.

I tried 1 tbsp. at home. 1/2 I took directly & 1/2 tbsp I added to the foamed coffee.

it was good, but I think I needed to add a whole tbsp. to mine the flavours la..

c.h.e.f andy


Hup Chong Hakka Yong Tau Foo


124 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, #01-459, Singapore 310124

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