Very Nice Chendul @ Teochew Chendul at City Square Johore Bahru on 28Jun2016

teochew chendol

teochew chendul

after shoon huat bakutehya wang 鸭皇 early dinner, we walked to the store at taman sentosa.

nothing much to see there so we made our way back to city square in 3 taxis.

one friend wanted to eat bbq cuttlefish….seriously!!

anyhow we walked out of city square & through an interesting market street lane spanning jln siu chin & crossing over jln siu nam. on one side is a malay night market. scross jln siu nam is a chinese night market. some stalls though were exactly the same, basically selling bbq seafood like similar stalls in singapore notably say at newton hawker centre, lau pasat, makasutra gluttons bay etc…

wrong place la…no rojak stalls & grilled taupok, so no grilled cuttlefish…

teochew chendol

teochew chendul

we trooped back to city square…what else to do but to eat again?

teochew chendol

teochew chendul

we found this teochew chendul shop in city square.

look genuine. 🙂

teochew chendol5

teochew chendul

& the chendul was good, thick coconut milk, flavourful gula melaka, and got kidney beans!!!

teochew chendol

teochew chendul

very enjoyable!

but i felt that it was not as good as four seasons chendl at toa payoh lor 8 food centre.

Four Seasons GCT Chendol

Four Seasons GCT Chendul

so when i got back to singapore i went to try the GCT chendul again. & indeed that was even more flavourful & intense!

c.h.e.f andy



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