Crispy Fried Beehoon 三楼米粉


三楼米粉 (from a subsequent second try)

my OPS primay school friend treated me to a very nice lunch at seng kee on 12.5.2016. ^^

one dish i was very much impressed was the 香煎米粉. i thought it was really good, crispy very fragrant good wok hae, bee hoon & ingredients inside tasty, not mushy, not burnt.

bagus la!

三楼米粉crispy fried beehoon

三楼米粉crispy fried beehoon

三楼米粉crispy fried beehoon

三楼米粉crispy fried beehoon


三楼米粉 (from a subsequent second try)

suddenly felt like giving it a try today on 14.5.2016.

took out leftover sotong tentacles, some prawns, chicken breat from freezer & defrosted.

had 1/2 chinese cabbage in chillier, 2 leaves turning bad liao. cut 1/3 from the 1/2 & removed the spoiled portions.

  1. cut chinese cabbage into very thing strips & fried with cut chilli padi & oil first & fish sauce till soften. added the leaves & fried a bit more then added 1 cup water, turned to low & braised. chinese cabbage was to add veg sweetness as stock (i didn;t have any chicken stock).
  2. while cabbage braising (about 15mins), i cut the defrosted prawns, chicken, sotong tentacles & seasoned separately with fish sauce & white pepper.
  3. i removed the cabbage with little soup left & transfer to a bowl. then i added butter & fried the prawns, chicken, sotong tentacles maybe 80% cooked. removed them & set aside (i think this step not necessary but i was not sure how much stock to add & whether i had time to cook them before drying out the beehoon).
  4.  i added oil, onions, chopped garlic into pan & fried till fragrant, turned fire high & added 2 eggs & scrambled.
  5. then i returned the stock to the pan added the beehoon (soaked in water & drained) together with the prawns, chicken, sotong tentacles & braised the beehoon.
  6. i turned fire to high to dry out the beehoon, then i added the scrambled egg & mixed.
  7. the last step was to make the beehoon crispy. i was able to do it in parts but could not flip over & make it into a pancake presentation.

anyway the result was still a very tasty, fragrant, quite excellent tasting beehoon with very good wok hae.

i added coriander (& some cut spring onions earlier). daughter commented the coriander flavour really nice (a bit like eating orh lua, a crispy fragrant egg dish matches well with coriander la)…

anyway now i have a good feel of the dish so can very the steps a little as provided below.

c.h.e.f andy


  • 120g beehoon
  • 8 small prawns.
  • 1/2 squid – 12 slices
  • chicken breast or pork – 8 slices
  • 1.5cup chicken stock
  • 1 cup thinly sliced chinese cabbage
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tsp chopped garlic
  • 1/2 sliced yellow onions
  • 1 cut chilli padi
  • fish sauce (about 1.5tbsp in all)
  • 1 stalk cut spring onions
  • 1 bunch coriander (for garnishing)


  1. add oil, onions, chopped garlic into pan & fried till fragrant. turn fire high & add 2 eggs & scramble. set aside.
  2. fry chinese cabbage & cut chilli padi with oil & fish sauce till soften. add 1.5 cup chicken stock, turn to low & braise. reduce to 1/2 cup or so.
  3. marinate prawns, sliced chicken breast (or pork), sliced sotong with fish sauce & white pepper.
  4. add beehoon (soak in water & drain first) together with the prawns, chicken/pork, sotong & braise the beehoon.
  5. turn fire to high to dry out the beehoon, then add the scrambled egg, cut spring onions & mix.
  6. flatten out the beehoon & press to crisp over high fire. flip over if possible. if not, crisp enough parts of the beehoon. garnish with coriander & serve.

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